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Eric Kay Guilty in Overdose Death of Tyler Skaggs

It was a tragic story in 2019 when 27-year-old pitcher Tyler Skaggs of the Los Angeles Angels overdosed in a Dallas hotel room. Three years later, the team's former communications professional, Eric Kay, 47, has been found guilty of causing Skaggs' death.

After quick deliberation on Thursday afternoon, the Dallas jury determined Kay to be at fault for providing Skaggs with the drugs that led to his death. Working for the team at the time, testimonies in the trial spoke to the fact that Kay acquired the drugs for the pitcher. He now faces 20 years to life in prison, convicted for "distribution of controlled substances resulting in death and conspiracy to possess with intent distribute a controlled substance". Per CNN, he'll be sentenced in June.

An ongoing epidemic in our society, drug overdoses kill more people than car accidents and gun violence combine, according to The New York Times. On Thursday, the Angels organization tweeted a statement on the tragedy and the MLB's commitment to cleaning up the sport.

Check out our discussion on the trial from Thursday's show on our podcast, at the end of Hour 1 and carrying into Hour 2.

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